This blog is a news source for merchandise featuring the fabulous fantasy art of English artist Badhead Gadroon. It is administrated by Gadroon's agent, Jolie E. Bonnette. Posts will feature new products as they become available, shop specials and other news in regards to the work of this exceptional fantasy artist.

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News from Gadroon!

Gadroon gets a lot of requests to have her work tattoed on people. Up until now, it hasn’t been allowed. However, if you are will to pay £25 or the equivalent in your country’s currency, you can license the permission to do so. Please contact me at agent@badheadgadroon.com if you wish to do this and I will give you further instruction on what to do.

—Jolie B.

Gadroon’s Agent/Web Witchy

2013.06.21  10:00am  


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